In fact we would prefer or recommend silk

In fact we recommend and prefer silk

Why do we ? Old knowledge and today scientific studies basically turned out how valuable silk pillow dress to your head of hair & pores and skin

Silk easy work surface with almost no friction - means less tugging on pores and skin as compared to a regular 100 % cotton .

We have smash creases from just inclined or sleeping on our aspect/deal with, therefore we can get less of those when lying on silk cushion cover.

Silk cushion includes smoothness a lot less likely to take in moisture from your pores and skin, trying to keep it nice and hydrated with out zapping it of beneficial humidity. Silk just the thing for a person with dry skin or even for use in dried up winter.

Silk cushion addresses stop locks

silk extra sleek structure glides within the hair without the rubbing . Soon after napping or leaning on that gorgeous innovation you'll be unlikely to get track of frizzy your hair, tangles, or bedhead, while 100 % cotton can snag locks and muss it in a home of tangles immediately. Lying on silk pillow situations is a secret that ladies with textured and curly hair have been using for a long time to have their braids and blowouts conserved for much longer without having incorporating frizz.

Natural cotton is far more permeable than silk, so traditional process moisture content out of your hair, while silk leaves that hydration correct where it belongs: within your head of hair. A silk pillow case will save you hair and keep it healthy if you suffer from dry strands or a flaky scalp.

Contrary to pure cotton cushion deal with, which takes up moisture content, silk wicks moisture content away to keep you cool and dry through the night very long

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