Finally, if possible, try to provide some meal ideas for guests so they know what types of food the couple enjoys. With this, every guest would bring a handwritten, signed, and dated IOU that would provide a service after the birth of the baby. Similar to task coupons, the mother can call upon the IOU when needed and the family member of friend complies. Books are also excellent ideas but it is important to choose books that she Instead of waiting on the birth of the baby, go ahead and plan the shower with close family members and friends, bringing the shower to her. Care package for after the birth, again to help her think about the future. This could include a trip to the beauty parlor, dinner out with her husband or friend, housecleaning service for two to four weeks, three to six-month supply of diapers, and so on. Just be sure everyone labels the food with the name, date, and any cooking instructions.Again, you can do anything you like, as long as it coordinates with what the couple wants.

Some of the things you would expect to see include: One home cooked dinner One night of babysitting Four hours of house cleaning One week of laundry One week of running errands BEDRIDDENUnfortunately, pregnancy is not a breeze for every mother. Some women have complications that can keep her bedridden at home or even at the hospital. Body lotion, perfume, balloons, flowers, and other similar things are always nice to help brighten the room and put her in a better mood while waiting for her new bundle of joy to arrive. If the couple has room, have each guest bring something that can be frozen or is already frozen. However, why not take the idea one-step further by including frozen dinners, preferably homemade. Video tapes or DVDs are nice in that she can watch her favorite television shows or movies while still getting the rest needed. A day spa certificate to include massage, facial, pedicure, China rattan basket mould Factory and manicure for after her baby is born would provide her with something to look forward to but you might also go in with other people in having a reflexologist or masseuse come to her.Puzzles are also a great way for the expectant mother to pass the time. You want the baby shower to be enjoyable, full of laughter, and a memorable occasional regardless of the theme.

For the expectant mother, waiting for the birth of a child from bed is lousy. Great ideas of what might be offered include: Craft projects that can be worked on in bed are good choices. Instead, they can simply pull out one of the frozen dinners, pop it in the oven or microwave, and in a short time, have a nutritious homemade meal. By offering a little guidance, this will also help reduce the chance of duplication. This might include crossword puzzles, other puzzle books, or a flat tray with a small piece puzzle, perhaps of a baby. However, for this type of shower, guests should create a miniature gift box or basket. Whether the shower is before or after the birth of the baby, this means the couple does not have to spend tired nights trying to cook.

If you will be the host, take this opportunity to use your imagination, borrow ideas, and allow the creative juices to flow. ©2004 Babyshowermoments, All rights Reserved Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory. Ask her or her family what types of books she enjoys reading. IOUThis theme baby shower is not only fun but also a tremendous help to both the expectant mother and father. Remember, after the baby is born, a full-scale shower can always follow. This might include cross-stitch, needlepoint, simple paintings, and even handmade ornaments. You would be amazed at how much this sentiment is appreciated. The following are a few popular recommendations: SUPPERTIMETypically, a baby shower consists of games, food, and presents. A baby shower can be customized around her situation to brighten her day, giving her hope while lifting her spirits.

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