I play WoW Classic mostly because of its lore

A good deal of people combined WoW Classic too late and did not get to experience most of the content or didn't even bother looking into the meta. Apart from people who played vanilla on private servers, most people have not played wow gold classic at the level. I don't think the meta things as far as people believe it does, strategies for supervisors is always pretty much worked out over a couple days anyway, guide videos and BiS lists would not take long to make even when the content was new. I place 3 years into a vanilla machine and mained a single character I didn't really get bored possibly, doing development raids was fun even after I cleared naxx I still had things to do and getting rank 13 (not HWL because the reward for casters is readily superseeded). WoW Classic will be the first time most people will have the ability to play vanilla on a good internet connection with a decent computer as well. Back in the day, many people had dreadful net, many even using Dial-Up (I know I did!) Onto a piece of shit pc that will run at like 20fps through raids together with the settings on low.

Great movie as always, nevertheless while I agree with you on most of the things I truly hope Retail won't develop into a casuals dream theme park. I play WoW Classic mostly because of its lore, and while the lore of WoW Classic is filled with stories I know it by heart so although I believe myself to be, if not hardcore at semi-hardcore, I will still want to play Retail to progress the narrative and lore of WoW Classic. I would be very sad if the hardcore, and lets be fair by hardcore you mean good players but can't actually say that, simply give up on Retail and proceed for WoW Classic. There are already a lot of players to perform .

I completely agree here. I believe that a fantastic aspect to go into WoW Classic would be to think of what patches would contain after 1.12.1 if TBC was never released. Class balancing would definitely be a thing.Making courses more balanced could give more flavor to WoW Classic. Creating more reasons to perform different classes. And by equilibrium I don't mean making them exactly the same, only more evenly viable picks for their planned purposes.Like me. I love Enhancement Shamans, however I can not really play with it late game in PVE.One of the best items with TBC was the Tier places that became optimized for distinct class specializations. I'd be open for this too.

To get a narrative point. Like the Gnome who takes us back in time in the trailer, this could probably make an alternate universe to buy gold classic wow. At first it's looks identical at that moment of time, however, the result changes more and more over time. Subsequently Cataclysm never occurred. Maybe a totally new story line evolves... But hey, that is exactly what I need:-RRB-?

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