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One cannot undermine the significance of a compelling introduction. It is crucial to compose a perfect introduction while writing your dissertation. It provides a brief perspective. It also sets the tone and explains the primary purpose.

Students of Singapore are often perplexed when they have to compose a perfect introduction. Unable to figure out the points to be incorporated, they seek dissertation writing service in Singapore by hiring the experts.

Here’s how you should structure a compelling introduction:


                                            Image: Steps to structure a compelling introduction

  • Pick a Brilliant Title: It is necessary to select an apt title to write the perfect introduction. Choosing a poor title may lead to a lousy introduction. It creates an air of uncertainty and leaves the reader confused.


  • Start With A Bang: Start the introduction with a bang .Use the ‘hook’ technique, an interesting quote, startling information, or a relevant anecdote. This stirs a curiosity among the readers, engaging them to read more.


  • Be General: In the opinion of the professionals who provide Singapore dissertation writing service, it is significant to give the readers a piece of brief background information on the topic. Start with a broader perspective before leading the readers to a specific point. This enables the readers to understand the relevance of the context in the real world.


  • Lay An Outline: Draft an outline in the introduction. Mention the primary points and arguments to be discussed in the main body. It is preferable to mention them in the order in which they are to be addressed.


  • Formulate A Thesis Statement: A clear thesis statement includes the main points of the dissertation. According to the experts who provide help with dissertation writing in Singapore, the thesis statement should be narrow, specific and focussed. It can consist of both the arguments – either for or against. It generally comes at the end of the introduction.


  • Provide Brief Overview Of Research Design: It is necessary to provide a brief summary of the research design while composing a dissertation. Present a brief overview to be explained in other paragraphs in detail. This determines when and where the research is conducted.


  • Limit The Length: There are no strict set of rules when it comes to the length of the introduction. Try to keep it brief and concise. It should be of 10 to 15 percent of the whole dissertation. Refrain from squeezing the entire introduction in one same page. Avoid repeating the same points. Include relevant facts to introduce the topic and the research to the reader.


Read the above-mentioned suggestions to construct a compelling introduction. Students of Singapore can also seek the assistance of Singapore dissertation writing service and submit a stellar paper.

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