Setting an intention for our lives is simple — and incredibly powerful. By simply creating a set vision of what we’d like to experience, our minds and bodies will go to incredible lengths to meet them. In this engaging (and humorous) talk, Xpill founder Robert Richman explains how the power of intention — from our own minds — can craft and shape the most important landmark moments of our lives.
01:54 I am not only one of my life to be a movie, I want movies to be real
05:02 Do the wake up to the reality exercise
07:38 It doesn't matter if you change your mind
12:50 I will find the love of my life
15:01 I realize it's not what I actually wanted, I realized what I do actually want to
20:08 Value even without taking the pill
Robert Richman is a culture strategist, the founder of Xpill, and the former culture hacker at Zappos He has helped to revolutionize the way we think about workplace culture — and the impact this can have on both productivity and happiness. Robert created the Xpill as a simple way to experience personal transformation, uncover our deepest desires, and create the reality we long for. Through his work, Robert has helped to bring clarity and purpose to the lives of thousands around the world.
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