How To Troubleshoot The McAfee Error Code 66 Successfully?

McAfee is an amazing antivirus company that provides reliable tools for safeguarding the users’ computers while they browse the internet. Moreover, it has been used by several corporate firms that benefit from its excellent shield. The companies can secure their confidential data and experience no difficulties as far as data protection is concerned. However, some errors occur related to, such as error code 66, which can be fixed by following the guidelines below.

Launching The SFC Scan

  • If your computer has corrupted system files then this can result in the error code 66 which can be sorted out by opening the command prompt and inputting the command of sfc/scannow, you can press enter after this command.
  • This will initiate the scanning of the system files and will detect problems related to them. It will take some time before it completes. Once it finishes, you can reboot the system and see the error code 66 has been fixed or not.

Resolving The Registry Related Issues

  • You can fix the registry issues which can lead to the error code 66. This can be done by going to the command prompt and typing the command of regedit. This will start the registry editor, and you can edit the registry entries here by locating the registry key related to the error code 66.
  • Once you locate this key, you can delete it as it is no longer relevant to your system and is causing the error code 66. You can reboot the system and update the McAfee program to see if the error has disappeared.

Deleting The Temporary Files

  • The clutter in your system that comprises of irrelevant files can cause the error code 66. This results in slower performance of the system. You can fix this by going to the start tab and typing the command of %temp% and hitting enter.
  • This will display a folder of temporary files; you can select the files and press delete as these are cache files not useful to your computer.

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