Every dedicated gamer wants their device to run smoother as it should be, and in this context, Windows 10 deserves most of its expectations. It provides a great platform to seamlessly play the desired game without any major issue as it provides a smart Operating System. Sometimes the system crashes in the middle, and this ruins the overall experience of gaming.


One can check for corrupted drivers, the latest and updated edition of the device’s OS if you are not running on Windows 10. You have to ensure that your device is not overheating and you have deactivated all the background programs. The gaming section provides an ideal place to check the latest reviews and guides related to various games. Some gamers reported that computers crashed while playing games in Windows 10.

Here is how you can tackle this issue and troubleshoot PC crashing issues while launching the game.

Gaming on Windows 10

Windows 10 is a gaming-friendly experience that allows an enhanced Operating System to play any game types smoothly. This OS provides a dynamic gaming experience in terms of smoothness and capability. Many users reported various crashing issues while playing on Windows 10, which is one of the most annoying issues.

If you want to tackle this issue, then pursue these guidelines to troubleshoot the issue:

Fixing Game Crashing Issues through installing the Latest Drivers

While playing games, various incompatibility issues arise on Windows 10, such as installing the graphics driver.

In case you wish to troubleshoot the issue, then follow these guidelines:

  • First and foremost, navigate to the Windows Update section or Device Manager.
  • Then, check for relevant updates related to your driver and graphics driver.
  • Note: you should check all the necessary drivers that are updated or not. It is recommended to update the driver automatically as manual updating is very annoying.
  • Microsoft is striving for better performance and tries to solve the issue. In case the graphics card driver is not compatible working on your device, then you need to troubleshoot the issue.

Installing Software

  • Most of the games need some additional programs and stuff to work smoothly. In some cases, it uses and requires specific sections of Java and DirectX data to run the program smoothly.
  • Then, you have to make sure that you have installed all the needed software and then retry gaming.
  • If you are unaware of the specific programs to run the game on your device in a compatible way, you can read the game’s manual carefully or visit the gaming site for its detailed procedure and stuff.

Ensuring that PC is Not Overheating

Overheating is one of the most general hindrances in smooth performance and thus causes sudden crashes. It becomes more vulnerable to such crashing issues if we are using power-consuming games on our device.

  • Generally, PCs or laptops are automatically built to shut down if the power reaches a maximum or gets overheated. In this way, this feature saves the device from major disk or system failure. You have to check your cooling system, cleaning all the fans, removing dust and other harmful air materials such as segments of air debris, etc.
  • Users may add additional CPU cooling systems if there is sufficient space. You can also use the thermal paste to your device CPU. If you are a more conscious user, then it is recommended to use temperature-checking software such as SpeedFan, etc. that check your device’s reading.

Deactivating Background Running Apps and Programs

If you are using your device for gaming and experiencing a sudden crash, you have to check that there are no background apps or programs are running as they are also the main cause to hog on your RAM or CPU system. In any programs found running in the background section of your device, then it is recommended to disable the app to reduce all the power consumption.

If you want to disable all the running apps or programs on your device, it is recommended to pursue these guidelines:

  • In the beginning, right-click on the available Taskbar and then launch the Task Manager tool there.
  • Choose the Startup section there.
  • After that, deactivate all the resource-heavy and unimportant applications.
  • Then, reboot the device and experience the change there.

Skipping the Onboard Sound Device

The generic sound driver provided by Windows 10 update for various sound devices sometimes collides with various other devices such as GPU etc.

It leads to a GPU failure that leads to your device’s failure and sometimes crashes in the middle. In this case, it is recommended to delete the onboard sound device and use Realtek only. You have to avoid various conflicts between multiple devices. Follow these guidelines to delete the onboard sound system on Windows 10:

  • Firstly, go to the Start menu and then right tap on it.
  • Then, launch the Device Manager section there.
  • After that, open the respective section and then right-click on the onboard sound device there. Then deactivate the feature.
  • Finally, shut the device manager and then reboot the system.

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