Nails are part of the daily work to protect your nail, trim nails well,you will look good without landscaping work.So we need to trim nails according to the characteristics of the nail regularly. How to trim a nice nails? I will give you some tipes in th following.

NO.1 1/3 hand nail file, index finger against the thumb nail steeple with a nail file, with tilted 45-90 degrees direction Nail Artstraightened, if we make a square nail file should be repeatedly pulled.

NO.2 When put onto the thumb forefinger Setback thumb

NO.3 Take care of the sides to ensure the nail file nail mill can be straight.

NO.4 When repair corner, down the center of the direction of the bracket. Another corner also fell to the center of the nail and keep symmetrical.

NO.5 If you want to manicure the edge of the old skin, can be placed in professional nail art suppliesthe bowl filled with warm water to soak their hands to soften.

NO.6 After a small stick on the volume of cotton soaked, use the little finger support and then swing-style push up the skin.

NO.7 The gauze wrapped around the finger and properly wet, wipe down. Side, as is, to remove dirt therein.

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