How to Select the Right Lipstick Shade That Matches Your Skin Tone?

When you buy blue heaven non transfer lipstick online, you will always wonder why many women choose pink lipstick than the other shades. According to experts, pink shade lipstick goes well for every occasion as well this shade offers a wide variety of options for the users. Read on to find some interesting facts about why pink lipstick is the most preferred product among all the other lipstick shades.

  • High compatibility: Before applying your lipstick, you need to know about your skin tone and undertone. As per experts, pink shade always goes well with both your skin tone as well as undertone than the other colours. This is one of the reason; most people prefer pink shade lipsticks to show their facial beauty.

  • Pink is natural: As human lip has a natural colour with the base of pink, most women across the globe prefer pink shade while choosing their lipsticks. Though the pink lipsticks have a variety of pink shades, still it the most preferred lipstick shade. A majority of women prefer the non-transfer lipstick over the other glossy pink lipstick shade. Also, any excess application may not be visible while using the pink shaded lipstick.


Being a natural shade, pink lipstick has been of great interest for most women across the world. Since this pink shade has the ability to maintain the innocence of face, most women prefer this shade. Also, pink shade lipsticks make the users look younger and beautiful. There is no doubt that women with pink lipstick always look attractive and pretty.

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