How to Request Uber Rides Without the Uber App

Uber is a service provided to iOS and Andriod users who download the Uber Application. Most of the people who are not a user of the smartphones consider that they can’t use Uber with downloading its application. No worries, there are some easy steps to book Uber without downloading Uber application on your phone.

Steps for Making a New Uber Account

  • Open the “Uber” site. Go to the official site of Uber on the system or a default browser. Login page of Uber will appear on your screen.
  • You will get a notification in the default browser that Uber want to know the current location. Pressing “Yes” button will permit Uber to check Internet Protocol address to find the current location after requesting an Uber ride.
  • Type the account and payment details. A page with many empty boxes indicating to write the email ID, password, first and last name.
  • In case you don’t receive any option on your screen to type the payment details, then the Brower is in page. Check whether you are on the page of URL Still, your browser is not showing that option then tries it after some time.
  • In case you are logging in by entering the promotional code, press the “Add Promo Code” option at the end of the webpage and type the promotional code given on your registered email ID.
  • Press the “Create Account” option. At the end of the display, find for an azure color option of “Create Account.”

Steps for Using Uber Without the Application

  • Click on the “Uber” website on your browser. You can use Uber website from the PC or tablet and all smartphones. To go to the website, press the URL above.
  • Press to “Accept” access to the website.  When you are using this site on your smartphone, then a network error will appear on the phone display.
  • Create a new email ID.
  • Enter the name; write that email ID which is linked to your Uber account, and a text requesting access to the phone website.
  • Share the email ID. You can use that website in a few minutes.
  • Still, you are not able to use that website and then send that email again.
  • Tap “Log In” button. Enter the account information which is on your Uber account in the given section that is your email address and a protected password. Press “Done” in the right side after finishing this.
  • Type the payment detail on your screen. In case you are not able to type the payment details when logging in to create an account, then:
  • Press the person to symbol in the left side of the display.
  • Press “Payment” in the menu list which comes on your screen.
  • Press “Add Payment” option given into the Payment menu list and type the debit or credit card information.
  • Write the location. Uber will not be able to find your current location automatically depends on the phone settings.
  • Change location if compulsory. In case Uber is not able to find the current location, you have to check that you have entered the correct pin code.
  • Choose “Uber Type.” option. At the end of the display, you will get a “Slidable” symbol below types of cars. Pull this symbol to the slot below the type of car you wish to book.
  • Place the “Pickup” location. Go through the pin code you had entered is right or not, press on the Set Pickup Location option given in the center.
  • Request the Uber ride. Press on the “Black” option at the end of the display to book the Uber.
  • Let the default browser be open to know the current location of the car.

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