How to remove fresh grease stains from clothing?

In the following, you can read which home remedies can be used to remove fresh and old grease stains from clothing as well as from delicate silk and wool.

Since fat penetrates tissue quickly, it is particularly important to treat greasy stains as soon as possible after their formation. For old stains, the fat is already anchored deep in the fabric. Therefore, complete elimination often causes problems. It is particularly difficult to remove grease from sensitive substances that must not be washed or only cold-washed.

Unfortunately, it is often not possible to wash out grease stains immediately. Anyone who consumes a portion of fries with mayonnaise at the snack stand at lunchtime will have no chance to immediately treat Mayo stains with water and liquid soap. But even in such cases, pretreatment can be found.

Even those who have pre-treated grease stains on the go, should not forget to subject the washable textiles in the washing machine to a thorough final cleaning at home. Although the washing temperatures should be as high as possible, you should not disregard the manufacturer's instructions.

The following instructions suggested by commercial laundry for clothing (jeans, shirt, trousers, T-shirt, etc.) also include home remedies for cotton, footwear, and tablecloth. Sensitive fabrics such as wool and silk are also taken into account, leather clothing can be found here: remove grease stains from leather

A handy overview of all home remedies for washable fabrics and delicate textiles can be found in this table: Home remedies: Remove grease stains from clothing:

- Treat the grease stains as soon as possible immediately after the mishap has happened.

- To remove fresh grease stains from clothing (jeans, shirt, trousers, T-shirt, etc.), cotton or tablecloth, first remove as much grease as possible from the fabric surface with a kitchen crepe.

- Then fill a bowl with warm to hot water (depending on the manufacturer's temperature) and dissolve a tablespoon of detergent in it. Alternatively, you can also use liquid soap or detergent.

- Now wash the stains in the solution and then rinse with clear water.

- For final cleaning, you also enter the textiles in the washing machine at the highest possible washing temperature.

- Shoes are treated the same way. However, you must not choose the washing temperature when pre-washing by hand and machine washing, not over 40 degrees. Also, put the shoes for washing in the washing machine in a shoe bag.

If you are not able to get rid of stains, you can use a commercial laundry service.

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