The Facebook account contains your personal information as well as pictures and it is important to keep them secure. If you will not look after the security of your Facebook account it might get in the wrong hands. If you think that your Facebook account was hacked the Facebook Help Number team can help you securing your account so as to avoid any further illegal access to your account.


To fix the Facebook hack error, the process will temporarily lock your account so as to prevent the hacker from accessing the account and during this time you can secure your account. Facebook lets you change your password as well as other security information and when you are done securing your account then it unlocks your account so that you can access your account.


The process to fix the Facebook hack involves the following steps:

  1. Click on the triangle icon given next to your name and the home option in the right corner of the Facebook homepage and select ‘Help’ from the options given in the drop-down list.
  2. In the search bar, enter ‘Hacked’ and then select ‘My account was compromised, phished, or is sending messages that I did not send’. After this click on the ‘Visit our Security Page’ link.
  3. Next, click on the ‘My account is hacked’ option which will show you the ‘secure it here’ link and you can click that link. If asked for, enter your password and then click ‘Continue’. After that, your account gets locked by Facebook until it is secured again.
  4. Now, click ‘Continue’ in the secure your account window and enter a new password for your account. Retype the new password to confirm it and then click ‘Continue’.
  5. Click ‘Change Password’ given next to your email address and it will open your email client. Change the account for this account as it is connected to your Facebook account and the hackers can use it to get access to your account. If you are facing any difficulty, give a call at the Facebook Phone Number.
  6. Move back to the Facebook window and then click ‘Continue’. Again click ‘Continue’ in the account verified window. Choose a security question and enter the answer in the given box and click ‘’Submit’. This will verify your information and you have to confirm if the information is correct and check the box for ‘Turn on extra security features’.
  7. Now your account will be unlocked by Facebook and you can log in back to your secured Facebook account.

Make sure to always keep updating the security questions to get the maximum safety for your Facebook account. If you have successfully secured your Facebook account then there is no need to worry and you can continue using it. If you still have any doubts about the privacy of your Facebook account, you can contact the technicians through Facebook Customer Service and they will provide you with all the answers.

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