First things first, congratulations to all those who cleared the CA final exam and all the best to all those who are going to try again in future. Trust me, it is nothing to be ashamed of. It is alright to fail the final exam as long as you are not losing all of your hope to become a Chartered Accountant.

So, here are a few important tricks to remember when you are going for CA exam and how to pass the exam like a boss. All you have to do is, overcome your fear and start being positive right from when you start preparing for D-Day.


You cannot run away from yourself no matter what. And that means that even if you lie to everyone about the reasons behind failing the exams, you just cannot lie to your own self in any way. You can blame all the things in the world but you know the exact reason always. So, instead of blaming others for the reason that you failed in the exam, get up and act like a smart person.


Before starting preparing for the final CA exams, you must do a SWOT analysis of the subjects for yourself. Some people are good at practical subjects while there are some who are good at theoretical subjects. That is the reason you must know your strengths and weaknesses so that you work accordingly when you are preparing for the final exams.


There is a famous saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. When you are preparing for the final CA exam, this saying applies perfectly. You really need to plan the preparation strategy wisely so that you do not muddle up things and end up being frustrated and confused. You have to decide how much time you will allot to which topics and how much time will you devote to a particular subject and the time for revision needs to be considered too. Keep measuring your progress regularly and you will feel confident as you progress.


Negative people or negative environment is never good for any situation and it is the same for the time when you are preparing for the most important exam of your life. It is really important for you to control your mind and take care of your mental health while preparing for the exams.


There is a common reason for most of the candidates failing, and that is that they forget to revise. There should be a proper solving of CA test series with time allotted to the subjects for their revision so that you don’t miss onto the topics you studied in the beginning but have forgotten the details. Revise the subjects properly in a smart way rather than remembering every word.


There are some students who don’t solve the mock test papers and RTPs and they don’t even try to. ICAI mock test papers help you in analysing what your progress is and how much time you will take to solve the exam. When you solve most of the questions of a mock test paper, you get confident that you can solve the questions. Solve it by timing it properly. Don’t wait for the last day because that will pressurize you unnecessarily.

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