How to Loop One range extender to the other extender?

Lopping or connecting one range extender to the other extender is very easy. This set up is usually imposed in the premises where you have a huge premises and the signals spread through main wireless router is very limited. Hence you might think of getting two extenders so that signals and range could be spread distinctively. However the set up of these two repeaters is bit complicated as the IP (internet protocol) tends to conflict.

In the Scenario where you have more than one wireless range extender:-

People usually make the mistake of setting up the extenders simultaneously as they are not aware of the IP conflict. Therefore what needs to be done is, one of the two extender should be kept unplugged and plug in the former extender near to the router. With the help of any wireless devices (such as an I-pad, tablet, desktop or laptop) go to the set up or configuration website that is, which will take you to the set up page of the extender. An account creation page will prompt up once you get into the set up page. After you have filed in the account creation details, you will be preceded to the page where you can see the list of the nearby wireless networks.  Select the wireless network you wish to connect and then put in the password and at the end of the set up page you will see your new extended network information and you will see all the lights lid up in the LED panel of the extender as solid green. Finally your extender is configured.

Connecting the second wireless range extender

The foremost thing that you need to do in order to avoid the IP confliction is, unplug the extender which you have configured initially. People make a major error as they tend to configure the second extender while the first extender is plugged in, which results in error while getting in to the mywifiext set up page. After you have unplugged the first extender, plug in the second extender next to the router and follow the same procedure until you land up in the page of the where you have an option to edit your new extended network name. It is very important to give a different name, not only to recognise the network name for your second extender, also to avoid the conflict. Click continues after you have re named the extended name and at the end of the configuration page you will see the details for your second extender as.

Final Step

Now you can plug in the extenders in the required place however you need to be firm and be sure of the fact that the both the range extenders should be within the range of the router. When the extenders are plugged in, it will take approximately 2 minutes for the extender to boot up and you will get all the solid green lights on the extender.


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