Webcams can prove to be useful when communicating with your friends and family even if they are on the other part of the world. Nowadays, with the rise in Internet of Things (IoT) devices, there is an increasing risk of those being accessed by an unauthorized person. Then, there also comes the problem of connecting webcam to your laptop and desktop computers which could again be hacked. Webcam can allow hackers to monitor your each and every action and even capture images and video during your personal moments. may protect yourself against webcam hacking and promote maximum security.


Get Norton Security on your device

Norton security software could help to protect you against webcam hacking and may use a multi-layered defense to combat cyber threats. You might have come across free security software which may not have enough resources to deal with new threats. can provide a lot of excellent features to provide real-time protection against existing and emerging online threats. It could also help to defend your computer against viruses, malware, and ransomware. These benefits may all play a major role in securing your webcam.


How does your Webcam get hacked?

When going online, you may have thought of downloading a wide variety of songs, movies, and other files. Unknowingly, when downloading a program, you could instead download malware which can infect your computer. These malware are designed by hackers with built-in remote desktop software which can take control of your device, including the webcam. This could put your privacy and security at risk.


What are the steps to secure your webcam?

  • Update applications regularly – When you keep software updated regularly, this help to get fix for any security vulnerabilities as soon as possible. It could also prevent hackers from getting access to your device and webcam. nortonsetupnu16can provide fast, comprehensive protection for your PC and Mac.
  • Always use a firewall – Firewall helps you to detect and stop any unknown devices from getting connected to your computer. Most modern computers come with firewall built-in which prevents it from unauthorized access. It could work as a wall of defense and monitor traffic to and from your network. You can visit to get smart firewall provided by Norton Utilities.
  • Secure your Wi-Fi – When hackers gain access to your home network, they may even access to your emails, financial and personal information. Hence, you should set a strong, complex password for your Wi-Fi and select WPA2 for encryption. In addition, avoid naming your home wireless network which can be associated with your identity.
  • Avoid harmful links – There are many websites and web address online which may trick you into downloading malware to your devices. Therefore, you should ensure that you only visit trusted, secure websites. Also, never click on suspicious links and download any attachments from unknown email address. can help you easily detect genuine websites and offer protection from online threats.
  • Watch for camera indicator light - If your camera indicator light turns on without you accessing camera app, it could have been hacked. Many security experts recommend people to cover the device’s camera with a sticker or tape to prevent anyone from spying.

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