Knowing your tax liability is not enough. As a responsible citizen, you must file your tax returns at the scheduled time with utmost honesty. Filing tax returns on time not only prevents you from paying hefty penalties but help you in managing your finances throughout the year.  To say clear of penalties, you can make use of the online tax calculator for calculating your income tax. The calculator makes tax calculations easy, thus ensuring that you pay your taxes on time. Check out the financial tips that will help you to keep up with your taxes throughout the year. 


  • Always input correct information: Whatever information you receive while carrying out the self-assessment, note it down correctly. Always be honest with your tax calculations. Collect all the information beforehand to save on your time and efforts.
  • Keep records in handy: Irrespective of when you submit the data, you should keep a record of every document for future use.
  • The best way of calculating taxes: If you are looking for the hassle-free way of calculating tax, then income after tax calculator can help you out. The tax calculator provides closer to an accurate estimate of tax calculation on your salary.
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