How To Keep Cupcakes Moist For Apply Edible Topper?

We all love to have cupcakes, right? And what can be better than a cupcake with edible topper!

Cupcakes are nothing else but the miniature form of cakes. But the only thing which differs between the two is that cupcakes dry out much quicker compared to cakes. And it is important to have a moist surface for applying edible cupcake topper, which makes it look more attractive and exciting.

So, how to keep the cupcakes from drying out? We have listed some steps that will help you keep your cupcakes moist and perfect for applying printed toppers.

Steps to keep your cupcakes moist-

The first and foremost thing is that never put your cakes or cupcakes in the fridge. These days, people love to keep everything in fridge to keep it fresh and cool. But the fact is that keeping cupcakes in the fridge will quickly suck the moisture out of it.

Unless the cupcakes have perishable filling inside them, or have icing on them with an egg white butter cream, they can be simply kept in wrapped packing boxes. Along with that, you can choose the setup which we have listed below:

  • Once you bake your cupcakes, let them cool on a wire rack.
  • Buy a shallow plastic storage container with a lid and clean it nicely. Since the container is shallow, there won’t be much space between the lid and the cupcake surface.
  • Place a wax paper sheet at the bottom of the container and set your cupcakes on it. Since you can get only one layer of cupcakes in the bin, you might need a number of these containers. DO NOT stack them and make a mess.
  • You can also seal it with press-n-seal wraps, if you want to store it for a long period (it ensures to keep the cupcakes moist).
  • Before having them, take the cupcakes out of the container and then apply the cupcake topper to it.

This setup is very effective to keep the cupcakes moist for applying the edible cupcake toppers.

That’s it! Now, you don’t have to get worried while applying edible printed toppers on dried cupcakes. You can also check for tips on how to perfectly apply an edible cupcake and cake topper.

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