How to judge the quality of Raymond Mill

1, the price of flour mill equipment. This is a very critical factor, low price or tricky manufacturers sales, or in order to reduce the cost of the use of materials, materials, casting materials. Comparison of several manufacturers, not cheap, select the appropriate price.
2, the thickness of sheet metal equipment. This is the key to stable the thickness of the plate, you decide the service life of equipment and Raymond Mill machine
running, some devices do not have long worn out, one is the more important one is the material thickness of the plate is too low. So when users purchase the equipment must be pay attention to.
3, observe the working chamber of the machining parts. Grinding is the main component of Raymond mill grinding roller and grinding ring assembly, grinding roller and grinding ring the normal wear and tear. However, the grinding roller assembly quality, determine your whole mill repair rate. Some manufacturers of the grinding roller assembly is always broken shaft, repair rate is particularly high. The new mill company research and development of the assembly, 10 days with a oil, not a gas, the most critical is the tight sealing, to ensure the repair rate is low, within one year of continuous shaft, not repair. Therefore, the working chamber, the grinding roller assembly is a key problem which should be paid attention to, this area is the highest rate since the milling machine repair.
4, compare the strength of the manufacturers. The strength of manufacturers is not only the capital, plant, the most critical is the professional. Professional manufacturer of Raymond mill, little in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Tianrui machinery is a.
5, with material test machine. The regular manufacturers have their own prototype, free trial, see the effect. Look at the stability of prototype work of environmental protection, processing of the fineness and yield are satisfied.

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