PlayStation is one of the best gaming consoles given by Sony. The most annoying and irritating thing is when we are trying to download the game, and suddenly the internet speed becomes slow, and the download gets stuck. Would you like to know how to boost download speeds on PS4? Then here are some directions given below.



Download One Item at a Time

First and foremost, try managing your PS4 downloads. Here’s how you can do so:

  1. Firstly, shut the online game if you are playing.
  2. After that, select the button of Home on the controller if your console is attempting to download the many things at the same time.
  3. You should select the notifications button within the primary menu.
  4. If the PlayStation 4 is recently downloading something, it will appear as a downloading bar at the upper side.
  5. Click on the downloading bar and move the cursor you would like to hold and choose the content by holding the X button on the controller.
  6. You should click on the Pause button.
  7. Once you have downloaded the desired content, then resume the further downloads.


Use a Wired Connection rather than Wi-Fi

Have you connected your PS4 to the internet via a Wi-Fi network? Try using an Ethernet cable instead.

  1. Connect the Ethernet cord into the port of LAN on the modem.
  2. Then the other end of the Ethernet cord connects to the PS4.
  3. After that, click on the Settings within the primary menu of the PS4.
  4. You should click on the Network option.
  5. Go to the ‘Set up Internet Connection’ option and select it.
  6. You have to choose the ‘Use a LAN Cable’ option.
  7. Navigate to the Easy option.
  8. Now, PS4 will automatically recognize the network from the Ethernet cable and connect to the internet.


Put the PS4 in Rest Mode to Boost the Download Speeds

When you are downloading something on the PS4, just put it in the rest mode.

  1. Navigate to the Settings option within the primary menu section.
  2. After that, click on the ‘Power Saving Settings’ option.
  3. You should click on the ‘Set Features Available in Rest Mode’ option.
  4. Then choose the ‘Stay Connected to the Internet’ option.
  5. Don’t forget to check the downloading process.
  6. The download should show at the upper side with a downloading bar beneath it.
  7. After verifying the downloading content, long-press the button of Home on the controller.
  8. Finally, click on the Rest Mode button.


Modify the DNS Settings

You can tweak the DNS settings to increase the download speeds on PlayStation 4.

  1. Click on the Settings option.
  2. Then choose the Network option.
  3. Go to the ‘Set Up Internet Connection’ option.
  4. You should pick the internet type between LAN or Wi-Fi.
  5. Navigate to the Custom option.

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