How to Handle Angry Ecommerce Customers

Angry customers are almost the worst nightmare for retailers, whether online or online. After all, in today's online commentary and social media roaring era, an angry customer may have a greater negative impact than anything else. Although you may not be able to completely prevent occasional customer dissatisfaction, how you deal with this situation can have a major impact on the end result.

General rules for all upset customers

We'll cover a few different situations later, but first let's focus on some of the basic principles of any disgruntled customer.

We have this saying, "Customers are always right."

It's not always the case, but you should behave like it. Even if you think you are right, it doesn't matter if you argue with someone who is uncomfortable with your company's interactions. What goal do you hope to achieve by counterattack? Customers may go to TrustPilot and tell everyone that you are not satisfied with this situation, which won't win any business. Whether the customer says your product is below standard, not arriving, or bankrupt, it is easier to agree, apologize and correct.

If you are angry about it, calm down, and then professionally approach it, it is best to stay away from it. Realizing that this person spends money with the company and expects it to go well, but this is not the case. There is some compassion; we have been there. Dealing with this customer with a child's gloves, showing compassion and trying to solve problems, can even turn things around and win loyal and lifelong supporters.

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"Your product is very bad. I want to return my money."

Even if you think your product is great, some customers may not. This is completely subjective, so, again, don't fall into the game of urinating with it.

How to do it

Apologize and refund. Don't annoy it. With Amazon's free and simple return, the entire e-commerce industry has to bite the cost of returning, so while doing so may hurt, you almost have to.

Email template

Dear [FirstName]: I am sorry that our products do not meet your expectations. Of course, we will process your return or switch to another product immediately. [Description of handling exchanges and returns] I would like to know: What are the products that you don't like? This helps us improve our products and make your customers happy in the future, so please consider sharing your feedback.

How to prevent this situation

The last bit of email is the key to preventing more returns in the future. A simple survey sent to the person returning the product can help you understand the trend. Maybe the product will crash or not be easy to use. Once you get some feedback from your customers, you need to take action to make sure you don't continue to get more rewards.

Since you are responsible for the return shipping cost of a defective product, you may want to consider having your customer retain the item and only refund the amount paid. This way, you can save more money without paying for return shipping, and because you are directly serving and have no warehouse, you will not receive wholesale homewares products that you cannot resell.

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