Sometimes the AOL sign in screen can go missing from your desktop screen and when this happens you must not panic. As this is a very common occurrence with this software. You will be happy to know that this error is faced by almost everyone who uses the AOL software. And the solutions for this one error are many. There are around six methods you can try that can help you fix this error and if you continue reading this blog, you will get to know how to execute the steps and rid yourself of the problem forever. If you want, you can also visit the online customer service @ help aol com to resolve the problem of missing AOL sign-in screen.

Without wasting too much of your time, you will now be briefed on the methods you can use to resolve the problem. Then contact the AOL contact number

The Sign on menu.

The first thing you can do which is pretty simple is to click on ‘sign on’ menu located on the menu bar and click on the ‘sign on screen’. Doing this will bring the sign on screen and you can sign in.

Try restarting the computer, closing the programs and retrying.

If you are using a Mac, here’s what you can do.

  • First, you must restart the computer. To do this, click the Apple icon on the screen and choose to shut down the computer.
  • Now wait for a while and turn the computer back on.
  • After that, press the command and option keys together and while you do that, press the ‘ESC’ key.
  • When the ‘force quit application’ window appears, choose all the programs except for ‘finder’ and click the ‘force quit’ button.

Removing and reinstalling AOL software while keeping the extensions off.

Keep this method as the last resort when the two mentioned solutions do not work. Now follow the steps accordingly to achieve this method.

  • On the desktop screen, locate the Mac HD icon and double click on it and when it expands, double-click on the America Online folder.
  • Now pull the ‘online downloads’ folder to the desktop and close the America Online folder.
  • After this, you need to drag the American Online folder to the trash and double click on the system folder.
  • Under this, click on the Apple menu item folder and put the America Online folder in the trash and close the Apple menu items folder.
  • Open the extensions folder and put the ‘AOL link enhanced’ and ‘AOL Link scanner’ in the trash.
  • Now close the extensions folder and open the ‘extensions’ folder.
  • Again, under this folder open the America online folder and put all the files except the ‘data’ folder in the trash.
  • Now open the Data folder and put the ‘access numbers’ ‘art database’ and ‘window size database’ in the trash as well.
  • Close all opened windows and install the program again using the CD.

Trying these steps will certainly help you bring back the missing AOL sign-in screen. Contact AOL technical support number they expert are availble 24X7 support

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