How to Fix HP Printer Scanning Problems Using Scan Doctor

Printing and scanning documents and files facilitate the exchange of information and expand communication. HP has an entire range of devices that can perform both tasks at the click of a button. Because of the many intricacies involved in the working of a printer, users find it difficult to solve printing and scanning related error on their own. If you are faced with a scanning problem while using your HP printer you can always contact HP Printer Customer Service Number for technical assistance.

Apart from 24 hours customer service, HP also offers its users a free tool to help users fix common printing and scanning related errors. The tool is called HP Print and Scan Doctor and it is available free of cost for all users. Continue reading to know how to use this tool to fix HP Printer scanning problems.


Steps to Download and Run HP Print and Scan Doctor

Here are the steps you can follow to download, install and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool so that you can fix the scanning issues with your printer:

Step 1: Check all the cables to make sure your HP printer on and is connected to the computer.

Step 2: Visit the official HP website and download the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool and save the file on your system.

Step 3: Open the file and follow the follow prompts to install HP Print and Scan Doctor.

Steps 4: Open the tool and go the start menu on the welcome screen to see the list of printers.

Step 5: Select the HP printer that has the scanning errors and then click ‘Next’. In case your printer does not show up on the list just click on ‘My product is not listed’, follow the instructions carefully and then retry.

Step 6: The software works automatically and you just need to click ‘Fix Scanning’.

Step 7: Sometime the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool may require you to install the printer software to resolve the issue.

Step 8: When the tool has finished running the scan review the test results take the necessary action.


HP Print and Scan Doctor test results and required action

After the tool has finished scanning the printer you will see a brief summary of the scan along with the action that needs to be taken to completely fix the problem. Here is a list of the test results and what does it mean:

Checkmark: the printer passed the test.

Wrench: issue found and repaired.

Exclamation point: test failed and required user action.

X: follow screen instructions to resolve the issue.


This tool will help you fix the most basic scanning related errors. However, if the tool cannot solve the problem then there may a technical problem with the hardware that needs to be checked. You can call the HP Printer Technical Support and speak to a certified professional on how to proceed.



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