HP is a brand that is regarded and is widely known for delivering meticulous and mind-blowing products in the market and HP Printers are one of them. The Printer is known for providing excellent print quality and amazing image output. This particular device has grabbed the attention of a lot of people across the globe due to its excellence and amazing features. Since the world is now advancing to a techno-friendly atmosphere, so the common people also prefer having these products at their home or workplace. Whenever you purchase a printer, you must also be getting a catalog along with it which gives you an understanding of its parts, setup, and other necessary information. If you do not take the proper care of the printer from time to time, then there is a high possibility that it can be overloaded with snags and technical glitches. The bugs can be associated with software and hardware issues. Whenever you are giving the command to your printer for the print job, and suddenly an error message in the form of a number or alphabets displays, you can sense that something is wrong with the printer and it needs to be fixed on an immediate basis. One of the error that the HP printer can go through is error code 50. 4. This is an error associated with the Fuser Roller which comprises of a part of the printer, and this part plays a very important role in transferring the toner to the print images. If this part gets damaged or corrupted, then it becomes really difficult to continue with the print jobs. By reading this blog, you can know the solution to resolve this error. You can also get in touch with the HP Printer Customer Service Number and have word with the techies.

Causes behind this error:

Since this snag is typically associated with the fuser roller, so these can be some of the specific reasons that can lead to this error:

  • Overheating of the Fuser Roller
  • Using the printer for quite a long time period, thus resulting in heating of the device.

Steps to resolve this error:

  • You must close all the print jobs that are in queue if this error code displays on the screen or if you find that your printer is getting overheated.
  • Let it cool down for some time and just remove the USB cable and power cord and switch off the main supply.
  • Open the rear door and locate the fuser roller. You can look for its procedure in the catalog given to you or by visiting the official HP website.
  • After you have located the Fuser roller, check that it is not damaged. Replace it with a new one and install it in the printer by following a set method.
  • Once done, connect back the USB cable and power cord again and try to print a test page.

 If the output is successful, then you can continue working with your day to day tasks, but if you find that still something has not been resolved, then the recommended option is to reach out to the HP Printer Tech Support and have a word with the techies.


HP Printer Support Number

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