How to Fix 0x80106ba Windows Defender Error Code?

Windows Defender is one of the best defences against harmful online threats. However, it can also encounter errors such as Error Code 0x800106ba, and if you are facing the same, then read through the blog. So, here are the steps given below.

Windows Defender Error Code

Windows Defender Set to Automatic

If you would like to set the Windows Defender to automatic, then abide by the given steps.

  • Go to the Windows button on your system.
  • You should enter ‘services’ into the Windows search section.
  • Then choose the Services within the list.
  • You have to locate the Windows Defender and twice click on it.
  • Thereafter, choose the Startup type and put it to Automatic.
  • You should click on OK to apply the changes.

Install Windows Defender Again

If you wish to install the Windows Defender again, then pursue the given instructions.

  • Press Win + R keys at once on your keyboard to open the Run dialog section.
  • You should enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ into the Run dialog section and hit the Enter key.
  • Then choose the Windows Defender and click on the Remove option.
  • You have to pursue the on-screen steps to uninstall the Windows Defender.
  • Now, launch the Settings application by selecting Win + I keys at once on your keyboard.
  • You should choose the Update and Security option and click on the Check for Updates.
  • Let the computer to locate the applicable updates and install each of them.
  • Now, restart the system.

Submit the Diagnostic Logs

If you would like to submit the diagnostic logs, then abide by the given steps.

  • Hold the Win + X keys at once on your keyboard.
  • Then choose the Command Prompt option.
  • When a UAC launches, click on the Yes option to proceed.
  • You should enter ‘cd”\\Program Files\\Windows Defender” and hit the Enter key.
  • Thereafter, input ‘MPCdRun.exe -GetFiles’ and hit the Enter key.
  • You have to submit ‘’ files via malware submission portal:
  • Launch the submission screen and click on Sign in.
  • You should log in with the Microsoft account.
  • Return to the submission screen and click on the Browse option.
  • Then find the ‘’ file ad explained on the lower side of the command prompt screen.
  • You have to select the OK button to connect the file to the submission form.
  • Go to the comment box and input ‘Diagnostic logs for MSE error code: 0x800106ba.
  • Now, click on the Windows Defender in the menu of Product, check when all other sections are right and click on the Submit sample.

When none of the ways help, our final suggestion would be to use a System Restore Point. Also, when the 0x800106ba error initiated emerging after the newest update, attempt to withdraw the update and look if the issue perishes. Optionally, you should attempt downloading and installing a computer tool like ‘Reimage’ when there is some kind of computer corruption or different automatical issue which you are not able of solving yourself.

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