How to Find Out How Your Website Ranks on Google?

Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. It’s the source of most of your website traffic. This is why the SEO that you do is primarily to get your website ranked as highly on Google as possible. However, Google’s website rankings continue to change with the passage of time. The main reason for this is the continual changes and improvements that Google makes to its ranking algorithm. So, a website ranked poorly on Google may be able to improve its ranking if it adheres to the new algorithm’s guidelines. Similarly, a higher ranked website may lose its rank if it doesn’t keep up with the algorithm changes.


Using the Help of Analytics

Analytics tools can help you in getting an idea about your website’s rank on Google. While it is difficult to ascertain an exact number, you can look at the traffic data to find out which Google Search page the user was on when they found your website. If the user was on the first page then it is safe to assume that your website ranks among the top 10 websites on Google’s SERPs for a particular keyword. However, if the user was on a latter page then it is a sign that your website isn’t ranking as highly on Google.

Doing Manual Search Yourself

This is a tedious method and can be very time-consuming. However, if you manually search your website on Google, you are sure to get the most accurate information regarding your website’s rank. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged if you see your website ranking drop on Google at certain times of the day. There are various factors involved which might cause this to happen. In order to get the bigger picture, you will have to calculate the average rank of your website on Google’s SERPs. This will give you a much better indication of how your website’s SEO is working.

How to Improve Your Website’s Rank on Google

There are various ways of improving your website’s rank on Google. For instance, if you haven’t hired an SEO company yet then you should do that as soon as possible. They have the knowledge of all the algorithm changes and can make the necessary improvements your website needs to regain its rank on Google.

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