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The place where a story in a literature book figures out has constantly been proved vital for the success of a book. An ideal landscape supplying readers the opportunity to wander psychologically to a location lots of people dream to travel to are the Greek islands. Through literature the reader will find unidentified locations of special appeal, will be started to their understanding, will take a look at the indicating of figure and forms of landscapes and through art will travel back centuries. This classification of literature sees the Mediterranean as a typical meeting point of outstanding authors of the world from ancient times to the present duration.

The first book - and among the most significant books on earth - which takes place in the middle of the Aegean Sea and reveals the concepts and myths of Ancient Greece is, obviously, the impressive tale of Odyssey by Homer (ca 700 B.C). The hero, Odysseus, takes a trip by boat accompanied by his fellow soldiers from the coast of Asia Minor towards his house area, the island of Ithaca. During this voyage, he faces many troubles and hostile legendary animals and he ends up being the symbol of the person struggling to return home, the location where his domesticity. It is an interesting and appealing text with an abundant plot, language and depth of principles and characters and a sense of life in Ancient Greece. The majority of exceptional of all are the islands the reader satisfies following Odysseus - the Greek islands where whatever is possible, islands that give the hero- and the reader, too- the wisdom of a daring journey.

In current times, Greek poetry of excellent poets like George Seferis and Odysseus Elytis (both approved a Nobel Prize in literature) glorified the Aegean Sea and stressed the power of the Aegean light and sea, parts that link the spirit of Homer to the Greek landscape. In their poetry, these parts are transfigured into worldwide concepts such as justice, love and mankind. They both speak about Greek history and natural appeal in order to present Greek culture in a wonderful, poetic misunderstanding.

The Aegean Sea was an inspiration and a primary style for a very popular author, Jules Verne. He wrote the unique Archipelago in fire, a book which happens in Greece and manage the Greek transformation versus the Ottoman Empire in 1821.

Another book about Greek islands is Cruising the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter by Thomas Cahill. It's an effort to explore "the hinges of history", as the writer claims. The story relocations the reader three centuries back and introduces him to the art and wars of a marvelous civilization in the cities of Athens, Sparta and, naturally, on the Greek islands.

Nikos Kazantzakis explains the spirit of Greek life in his novel Zorba the Greek, mainly happening on Greek islands; a spirit specified by love, wine drinking, dancing and flexibility in consistency with the landscape of the nation.

Santra Vretta composed the book Aegean Sea, a truly appealing book about the range of destinations and history of the Aegean islands, for instance the volcanic eruption on Santorini and the architecture and sculpture in numerous historic durations, all integrated with plentiful illustrations and an useful Museum Guide of Greek islands.

The lost island was written by M. Karagatsis in 1943. The plot revolves around a shipwreck off a Greek island where the landscape adjustments and ends up being a sign of secret and self-isolation remaining, at the very same time, an appealing location that invites us to find it.

Travelling round the Greek islands is also the main theme of 2 Greek books, Anemolia by I. Zgouros and Drifting islands by J. Miggas. Both novels are about a group of people cruising the Greek islands and, at the really same time, travelling back in time, into the past, through past memories and dreams, as they look for the essence of life and relationship.

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