How to diagnose and fix an overheating HP Laptop

With the passage of time overheating problem in HP Laptop become most common. And if you don’t take this issue seriously then there might be some other problems too such as continuous crashing of Windows, loss of data and blue screen of death errors and so on. Being an HP normal users you might not know that these issues are occurring because of overheating issue of your HP laptops and till the time you get to know this may be your motherboard gets fried. Your best chance to not let the overheating problem hamper your work can be when you take the assistance of the experts. And experts can be found by dialing HP Printer Tech Support which remains accessible at all hours in a day.

How can you know that your HP Laptop is Overheating?

If the back side of your laptop is hot then it does not mean that your HP Laptop is overheating. When the fan of your laptop is running in great speed or when you are able to hear the loud noise of your laptop fans then one can say that their HP laptop is overheating.

What is the reason for the overheating of HP Laptops?

The answer to this question can be very simple that is insufficient cooling but some major reasons can be:

  • Lots of dust have been clogged up on your laptop fans
  • Degenerated thermal grease can be found between the heat sink and CPU of your HP laptops

How to fix the overheating issue of HP Laptops?

The very common solution which every user can do when they first notice that their HP Laptop is overheating is to clean the dust which has clogged up on your laptop fan. As these fans are known for maintaining cooling between CPU and graphics card. The steps which must be followed to remove the dust from the fan are given below:

  • Remove the battery after turning off your HP Laptop
  • Unplug all the power cable also
  • Using the cotton dipped into the drop of alcohol clean the fan carefully. Before turning on the laptop make sure alcohol is evaporated
  • You can use vacuum cleaner too to remove the dirt and dust of your fan
  • One can clean the dust by sucking out the hot air of their laptop by using the vacuum cleaner

Even after executing these troubleshooting steps you are not able to fix the overheating problem of your HP laptop then it is advisable to contact the professionals by dialing the HP Printer Customer Care Number which remains accessible at all hours. The experts are well versed in fixing all the issue that is associated with HP laptops.


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