How To Deal With When Nail Polish Stains On Clothes

Like many girls who lile to diy nail at home would have many kinds of nail polish! So many bottles together, accidentally knocked over the bottle or the bottle, nail polish stains on clothes, furniture, how to deal with it?

Treatment of nail polish clothes
This situation is very common to the careless girls.In this case,you can wash nail art supplies wholesaleit with nail polish.But because sometimes stain clothes or fiber will have chemical reaction with the nail polosh.Thus, before nail polish, try the clothes inside. In addition, alcohol, pine fragrance, also have the effects to removal nail polish. It is not,you can send the cloth to a launderette.

Nail polish on wooden furniture
Generally,surfaces of wood furniture are coated with a layer of polishing machine, not only in order to make the surface look better, but also to protect furniture, prolonging the life of the furniture. Nail polish stains on wood furniture, do not use nail polish remover to wipe it. Otherwise,wouldtoe nail art undermine the panel and polishing agents, damaged furniture. How to run it? In fact, just spray a little hairspray on nail polish, stay 20 seconds, such as nail polish, hair gel stick, then gently touch it removed.

Nail polish on the hair
For just stained, yet dry nail polish, just pour some nail polish on a towel, rubbed into the hair look just fine. If the nail polish dry, use cleansing oil or cream applied to the hair, then gently rub down.

Nail polish on the carpet
If it is light-colored carpet, the direct use of non-acetone nail polish remover to clean; if the carpet is dark, it is recommended to use hair spray or alcohol on the carpet, and then wipe clean with a sponge or paper towel can be.

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