Most people are an avid admirer of the vintage trends and especially ‘Victorian’ style. Whether it's for their living room or their kitchen or even the master bedroom, people take inspiration from Victorian-era furniture design and components to bring out the ancient yet elegant feel in their home. Some hire an interior designer for the complete makeover of their furniture and giving it a vintage look, but some people find other interesting ways to get the job done all by themselves. In this article, we shall discuss the easy method of including vintage furniture hardware components in order to bring out the Victorian era charm in your home.

Importance of Quality Hardware Components:

Selecting quality furniture components to match the furniture inside a room is essential. Some homeowners mistakenly pair up high-end furniture & cabinetry with substandard components that cause an aesthetic disaster and ruins the entire appearance of their house. By furniture components we mean,

  1. Drop Handles
  2. Nameplates
  3. Keyholes
  4. Hinges
  5. Knobs
  6. Pull handles

Now that we know that hardware furniture components directly affect the look and performance of a high-grade furniture, now we shall delve into the various methods to create Victorian era look using various antique furniture components.


  • Drop Handles

Drop handles are not used to ease opening and closing of furniture but it also helps to add that antique touch to any item it is attached with. There are various types of drop handles available with many sizes for people to choose according to their preferences.


  • Nameplates

Putting desirable nameplates on certain is a good way to mix modern yet antique look in your interiors. Nameplates affect the interiors of a home with subtlety and still get noticed without fail.


  • Keyholes

Most homeowners ignore the important role played by a keyhole when it comes to transforming their house into an antique Victorian era beauty. There are many uniquely designed keyholes available in the market and online stores for people to buy and use.


  • Hinges

Hinges are vital hardware components present in every household but go unnoticed despite its significance. Minimalistic design and antique polish on the metal could easily make hinges augment the beauty of doors and windows.


  • Knobs

Thousands of uniquely designed knobs are available at home stores for people to select and buy for their home but most of the homeowners get confused by as to which type of knobs are suitable for their use. When it comes to mimic Victorian design for the interiors, the antique look with the minimalistic design is perfect.


  • Pull handles

Pull handles can be more personalised and beautified if bought while considering their appearance as well as their functionality. With suitable finish and sizing, pull handles can add to the attraction in furniture.

These components not just enhance the beauty of the room where it is placed, but it also adds to the functionality of furniture. In addition to this, adding quality furniture hardware components saves you time and cost in the long run.

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