Internet has become a very crucial element in an individual’s life. From toddler to students to business entrepreneurs to senior citizen to establishment of business firm etc are all relied on internet. Gadgets have evolved so vastly especially the wireless devices. Internet keeps the entire thing connected and has a key role in the advancement in every aspect. There was a time when internet was mainly used only through hardwired devices such as computers and desktops. However technology has changed drastically with the evolution of wifi. People no longer have to stick to a one position to use the internet. We can use internet on our cellphones, laptops, ipads without sticking to a particular spot.

Netgear is one of the top leading brand in the networking era. They provide a very high standard of wifi routers, range booster, powerline and firewall encryptions. Wifi can only be accessed through a router which directly connects with your modem. Basically mywifiext is a setup by which you can easily access the setup of the router to configure the device with your internet. One does not have to call a technician or dial up a toll free number for the phone support as is a very user friendly setup link. The steps are very simple, you have to connect the wireless router to the modem, then open up a browser on a computer or a laptop and type in and then the following steps are very easy as the instructions are very clear and pretty understandable for a layman.

 The whole configuration takes approximately five to seven minutes. After the router is successfully connected to the modem and the internet, all the wireless devices can be accessible for the internet.  If you wish to make changes in your wireless setting, it can be done easily just by logging in into the setup. Same goes for other Netgear devices like the range booster. To setup a Netgear range booster, again the setup link is same which is setup. Plug in the range booster and follow the same procedure that is logging in to and following the manuals. The connection gets established within the time of two to three minutes. If you wish to connect any wireless device through WPS (wireless protected setup) and if you do not have a physical WPS button on your router, you can easily get into and activate the WPS in the router setting and connect the device. Same goes with powerline devices, the configuration can be done by simply logging into the setup.

If you wish to check the IP (internet protocol) of any device or make any changes in the configuration of any device, you can do it very easily through setup link as this setup has all the IP addresses of the devices connected to your network. If you have to check your Firewall status or if you wish to make any changes in the firewall setting it can be done easily by getting into the

Therefore we can say that setup helps you access any information about your device details, to make any changes in the internet setting or configuration changes , monitor the network activities very easily. The best thing is is the universal setup link for all the Netgear products.

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