How to Connect Smartphone with Xbox One

Smartphone apps are one of the best companions in our day-to-day life. They connect us with the world, provide entertainment, and help us complete various regular tasks. If you are a gaming freak with an Xbox, you have something interesting in your smartphone too. And, that is Microsoft’s dedicated Xbox app, which helps you stay connected with your friends on the move. You can easily share content, check achievements, purchase games and do more in the application.


Though, you need to connect your Android or iOS smartphone with the Xbox first, to achieve the complete control. Pair your devices quickly and easily by following the guide given below.

How to Download Xbox for Android or iOS?

If your smartphone is not updated, it is better to update first for best results. Android users must have version 4.1 or higher and iOS users need to have version 9.0 or newer to use the Microsoft’s Xbox smartphone app.   When successfully updated, go to the Play Store if you are on Android or iTunes for Apple devices. Enter the term “Xbox” in the search bar and find the original app. Tap Install to start downloading and launch when it completes. Last but not least, sign in using your Xbox login credentials when the prompt appears.

How to Connect to the Network?

First and foremost, both – the smartphone and Xbox One – needs to be online for syncing them with each other. Check the network on your Xbox One by visiting the Settings menu, click on Network, and go to Network Settings at last.

Move forward to the network/Wi-Fi menu in settings or device’s system preferences and check the connection. Set up a wireless network connection by choosing the relevant network and entering the password when it prompts, if your Xbox One is not connected. Your devices need to be close to each other for ideal connection.

How to Sync Smartphone with Console?

The upper-left corner in your Xbox app features triple lines that showcase the main menu. Tap Console option over there, and you will see a Connect to your Xbox One option on the next screen.

The list of all the Xbox consoles that are available will pop up, and you can choose the ideal one, and Turn on for use.  Your device successfully integrates with your Xbox One. Now you can use your phone as not only a keyboard but also a controller.

How to Use the App?

The three lines option present in the top-left of the screen provide you access to most of the features. Like, you can see your profile, achievements, screenshots, recorded clips, manage the Xbox store, and do a lot more things. The avatar icon will show you your friends list as well the nearby icons are for notifications and messages. Even you can party chat on the move in this app with the three avatar icon present on the screen.

How to Control Xbox One through Smartphone App?

Managing Xbox one with the app is not as smooth as the controller, but it is possible. After connecting your devices, your bottom-right section of the app’s screen will show you a small remote symbol that you need to tap. It will take you to a black screen with the four face button along with menu, view and home buttons. Now, drag your fingers around to select a tile and press A in the middle to confirm. It might not be the best way to control Xbox though! All in all, this is how your Android or iOS smartphone will be the best companion for your Xbox One!

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