Range Extenders have turned out to be a great evolution in the networking field. Netgear has been one of the leading brands for the routers and Range extenders. People usually find difficulty in receiving wifi signals from their routers as the signals tends to drop because of the range capacity of the routers are very less in proportionate to their house space boundaries. Range extender extends the signals from the routers and spread it across the house or any premises where signals are very weak or to the places which are dead spot (which means zero signals being received from the regular router. Netgear has come with some very excellent range extenders which extends the signals drastically.

Netgear AC1900 EX7000 is one of those extenders which can be used in houses which are very big , business premises or where people need better speed and signals throughout their place. It is very sleek in shape and very balanced weight. It has three antennas, four Ethernet ports, and has the compatibility to extend dual band routers which are 2.4 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz.

Configuration or let’s say setup of the extender is very easy. Following are the steps after the product is unboxed.

  1. Turn on the extender and you will see a white color light on it.
  2. Place the extender two to five feet to the router and wait the for the solid green on power to come on.
  3. If you have WPS button on the router, then press the WPS button and then press the WPS button on the extender which is at the back side of the router.
  4. The lights will start to blink and all the lights will turn solid green.
  5. If you there are less than 3 solid green lights then open up a browser on any device which can be phone, laptop or computer and type mywifiext.net
  6. Click enter after you have put in  it will take you to the setup page.
  7. You can see the WPS option, can click on connect WPS and then the extender will give three green lights.

If you do not have the WPS button on your router, you can configure the device yourself. Below are the steps.

  1. Open a browser on any device such as laptop, computer or phone.
  2. Type in mywifiext.net and click enter.
  3. Once you are in the mywifiext.net setup page you will get two option to either connect the extender through wifi or access point. (Select as per your (preference)
  4. Select your home network and enter the password for your network.
  5. Now you will see the extender information which would be your extender SSID name and the password.
  6. Click next; it will take 2 minutes to connect to your router/network.
  7. Now you will get a confirmation that the extender is connected and you will see three solid green lights on the extender.

After the connection is successfully made with the router you need to connect your device the device to a new network that would be your home network followed by an under score and gigahertz and 5 gigahertz respectively. Enter your network password and your extender is good to go. Once your device is connected you will see four solid green lights on the extender. You can move the extender and place it halfway to the router or wherever it is required. If you wish to change the SSID name of the extender or the password, you can do it very easily by simply logging into mywifiext.net and make the changes. Before you make changes in the setup link that mywifiext.net you need create a user name and password which will be used for future amendments in the extender setting. If you change the router or network you have to reset the router by pressing the reset button for 30 to 40 seconds. The extender will have one solid green which is an indication that the extender has been reset. Now start from the square one that is log in into the mywifiext.net and follow the above steps. To upgrade the firmware you can go to mywifiext and check for the firmware update. After the firmware is updated the extender performance will be enhanced.



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