Linksys support helps you to configure the router very easily. Earlier people had call up a technician to come over their place for the setup or the configuration of the router which ultimately leads to nominal fee which is charged by the technician. Now Linksys has come with a set up link that Linksys support which helps the customer to reach out for any kind of information. Linksys support has all the FAQ programme. Linksys support also has the user manual guide for all the models of the router. You can also find for the firmware update in the Linksys support link. You will have the manual setup instruction of the router with pictures and in details which makes Linksys support link will very much understandable for a layman.

To start with

  • You have to place the outer within the range of two to five feet from the main cable modem (which you get from your internet service provider). On the rear side of the router you will have Ethernet port labelled as (, then you have an internet port and a power cable.
  • To begin with connect the Ethernet wire in the internet port of the router and connect the other end of the cable into the Ethernet port of the cable modem.
  • Once you get that done plug in the Ethernet cable in the port one of the router and connect the other end to any of your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Connect the power cable of the router to the power port of the cable modem.
  • It will take a minute or two for the both devices to power up that is the router and the cable modem.
  • Now power up the computer or the laptop and open up a browser for the Linksys router configuration.
  • Go to the browser and type the default IP address that is (if you do not know the default IP you can go the Linksys support link to get the default IP).
  • After entering the default IP, you will be prompted with a box which asks you to enter the user name and the password.
  • The default user name is admin and the password is also admin, then click ok.
  • It will take you to the main setup page for the router by CISCO.
  • You will see an optional setting on the left side; enter the host name as myrouter1.
  • Once that is done, go down and make sure the DHCP server is enable and then go down and save the settings, then click on the continue button when prompted.
  • Up next is the wireless setup, click on the wireless tab on the top and then go down and click on manual configuration.
  • You can type any name for the SSID which would be your network/Wi-Fi name.
  • Leave the channel settings as auto and click on save settings.
  • Now click on wireless security for the password encryption.
  • Click on security mode, then drop down and click on WPA-2 personal as this is most protection network for most home network.
  • Then go ahead and enter a strong passphrase as you desire.
  • Click on save settings and when prompted again click on continue button.
  • Now next step is go the administration setup and re-create and new user and password for the safe log in of your router configuration.
  • Once you do that click on save settings and your router will be configured.

So above mentioned are the basic steps for the setup of the Linksys router. For any kind of further assistance depending on the model of the router you have, you can go to Linksys support. You can also approach for an on call help  with the expert through Linksys support link.

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