How to clean the lime from the iron?

We all want our small appliances to work like the first day, to continue helping us with household chores for a long time. For that we buy them and, for that, we have them at home.

The steam iron helps us wear our clothes in the best possible way, without wrinkles, in perfect condition. For this to continue, we must clean our small appliance with some frequency.

Have you been cleaning your iron for a long time? Do not worry, it is usual that we do not devote time to these tasks. In this post, we will show you that cleaning the iron is not as difficult as it seems a priori. If we follow these steps, we will do it right away.

Mix distilled water and tap water:

In some regions, tap water has a high hardness level, that is, it has more lime and, in the long run, it can damage the ironing center if we do not clean it frequently. Therefore, it is best to use a mixture of distilled water and tap water in equal parts. If the water in your city has a lot of lime, you can try adding 2/3 parts of distilled water.

And what happens if we don't have distilled water at any given time and we have to iron? In these cases, absolutely nothing happens by using tap water for a few days. Then, we will just have to clean it as we indicate below. Another trick by Cleaners near me for these days is to use boiled water.

How to clean the lime from the iron?

Having the sole of the iron clean is key so that dirt does not pass to the fabric. Lime usually stays in the holes in the sole of the iron in the form of waste. When we heat the device and slide it through the clothes, white spots appear not pleasant.

How to avoid this? Usually, the iron has several options that we can use:

Self-cleaning function: we start with the easiest. When we use the steam regulator, the iron automatically cleans the lime sediments. Use it frequently at the time of ironing and you will avoid accumulating more lime from the account.

Lime function: there are iron models that also include a lime function since they know that this is their main enemy. This button helps remove lime particles from the steam chamber. If the water in your region is very hard, it is recommended by Cleaners near me to use this function every 15 days or so.

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