How to choose the resolution in Offset Printing

When we talk about resolution in printing, we refer to the level of detail that an image has. This has a direct impact on the level of sharpness and detail that a photograph or image shows printing manhattan. But ... How is the resolution measured? Resolution is measured in dots per inch, better known as DPIs.

The resolution in offset printing is of vital importance when carrying out our work. If an image loses clarity and detail because of this, it can destroy our project and cause us to repeat it again.

Our experience as an online printer makes us realize that many times customers send their projects with an excessively low resolution that makes them not look or look properly. The correct resolution to send the files to the press and that the resolution in printing is adequate, is in the 300 DPI. Everything below is not worth risking printing because the sharpness will be affected.

The resolution cannot be excessively high either. Many machines cannot withstand too high a resolution, makes printing difficult and sudden work. The maximum a good machine can withstand is around 354 DPIs.


How to choose the resolution in proper printing?

The view of people works in the following way in relation to pixels: The less distance more pixels can see the human eye and the greater distance less "points" of pixels can capture. Following this premise, for our resolution in printing to be optimal, we must assess how far our project will be seen. If we print, for example, flyers, they will need to have more DPIs. This is because the Flyers are seen at a shorter distance. On the other hand, if we are going to print a large poster, we can use less number of pixels. The minimum number of DPIs that we can use is 150.

The resolution and size do not mean the same, but if they intervene in each other and for that reason we must take into account at the time of printing, depending on the size of our project we should work with one resolution or another.

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