Although the price of the device is something that always worries should not be the only feature of the product that determines the purchase. Keep in mind that a color laser printer is a complex device with many variables. For example, the printing technology manhattan printing, the cost of each page, the speed, the size, the functionality and even the type of connectivity.


Therefore, the first thing you should do is to think about how you will use the printer. It does not make sense to buy a super multifunction printer if you only want to print recipes at home from time to time. Or that you do with a very basic printer if the goal is to serve an office with six workers who handle a lot of documentation.


The functionality is usually the first feature we look at. It is the ability to perform different tasks effectively. There are three fundamental types of printers:


  1. Basic laser printer: only prints, either with cables or wireless connection.
  2. Multifunction laser printer: in addition to printing it includes scanning, copying and even faxing.
  3. Photographic laser printer: basic or multifunction, is designed specifically for photographs, so it accepts special paper, extra inks with quality pigments and higher resolution.

Multifunction laser printers are the most abundant and often have competitive prices , but really think if it is worth buying one. If you do not plan on scanning a lot, why do you need it? The smartphones allow you to take high-quality photos that allow you to digitize, for example. Keep in mind that these models take up more space and consume more energy.


Connectivity is another element that can determine the purchase. You no longer need to have the device plugged into your computer to send and generate copies. Technology allows you to do without cables. The most common is that the laser printer is connected via WiFi, although there are also models with Bluetooth to print from the tablet or smartphone.


Loading paper could be important if you plan to print a lot: choose a model with automatic loading . Also think about the ability to print double-sided and the quality of the paper it supports, which is measured in maximum grammage. For example, if you want to create quality photos or documents you will need thicker paper than normal.


Do not lose sight of the working capacity of the color laser printer, because it can influence if you want to use it professionally rather than leisurely. The capacity is usually measured according to two parameters: the printing speed (pages per minute or ppm) and print quality (dpi: dots per inch).


The last feature that you may be interested in is the cost of printing. You can take a look at the toner you will need for the particular model you choose and the number of copies that each one will allow you to make. By dividing these two values ​​you will already know what it costs you to print each page.

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