How to choose surgeon for Neck Liposuction?

Liposuction is a delicate operation that is decided in consultation with the surgeon. The patient must follow his advice to avoid any health consequences. If a patient thinks that his physical appearance will be improved after the elimination of fat masses located at his neck. He can consult a specialized surgeon who can tell him to what extent a liposuction of these masses will meet his expectations.


The operative technique used:

Most often, the surgeon begins by making an incision under the chin and two incisions on the surfaces under the angle of the jaws. Then he introduces the cannula with which the fat is sucked. The patient appreciates the fact that this technique allows a permanent removal of unsightly fat masses because the fat cells regenerate only very little. They may possibly be injected into other surfaces to fill an aesthetic defect resulting from insufficient fat as can be the case with the cheeks. However, the result is satisfactory only if the condition of the skin does not contraindicate the intervention. As a result, during the preoperative consultation, the surgeon carefully examines the skin to see if it will be fully satisfactory after surgery. Moreover, a Houston Neck Liposuction of the blow can be associated with a treatment of a double chin or a facelift of the neck or the face. This type of facelift may be indicated if the patient wishes to reduce signs of aging such as loss of elasticity of the skin. It is the same if it is necessary to correct an access or an insufficiency of fat.


A prior consultation for Houston Vaser Liposuction with the anaesthetist always takes place before the procedure. The anaesthesiologist performs a complete assessment of the patient's state of health and prescribes blood tests. Then, he explains to the patient the different methods of anaesthesia that are possible given his state of health and his medical history. The patient can in principle choose between loco regional anaesthesia. General anaesthesia or neuroleptanalgesia as long as it does not require one of these methods. If the procedure is mild, local anaesthesia may be sufficient.

Operative follow-up:

Most often, bruising and swelling appear, but they disappear after a maximum of two weeks. Complications such as local infection or irregular skin surface rarely occur. The pains are moderate and they are very easily treated with appropriate analgesic remedies. They disappear most often after two days. The dressing and the stitches are removed after eight days. A massage of the operated surfaces must be practiced for duration between one and two months to accelerate the disappearance of the hematomas and to soften the skin. In principle, the patient can resume his professional activity the next day, but the practice of a sport must be gradually resumed. Finally, the scars are very light and they are not seen with the naked eye.

 How to choose the surgeon for Houston Laser Liposuction:

It is necessary to start by inquiring with the departmental council of the order of the doctors to have the coordinates of the surgeons for Houston Laser Liposuction who have the right to practice this type of intervention considering their qualification.

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