How to choose bridal jewelry


When choosing jewelry to wear at a wedding, it is usually paired with the color of the dress. Most brides wearing a white wedding dress will choose jewelry made of platinum, diamond, crystal and pearl, while those wearing traditional dress prefer jewelry made of gold, jadeite and other materials. And to the bride of former, already no longer restrict at marriage gauze and cheongsam, color and design also with individual character and beauty are standard, go up in the space on the choice of headgear so more extensive, that today beautiful woman small make up take you together.

Western modern: white wedding dress most match white jewelry

Take the oath in the solemn church, hold the wedding reception and buffet dinner on the lawn of the square, the white wedding dress and suit is the most solemn choice. Choose romantic European style wedding, let sacred white gauze be in the hand of flower child hold up, the glittering gem will be the dot of this marriage.


So small make up want to remind everybody to buy headgear of time, want to hold such a principle: must after deciding your marriage gauze, veil, headdress, just choose and buy the headgear of your body, ning is short of without excessive underwater marriage gauze photograph, won't appear so tie-in and incongruous condition. If you're sure you want to wear a tiara, try not to wear a necklace, or it will look like a shiny frame around your head. If you're sure you want to buy a necklace, remember to wear a plain top with the same breast line as your wedding dress. This will give you a more direct result and will help you find the right choice.

If your wedding dress style is very simple, you can use common sense to choose some jewelry that is a little bit better, but remember not to overdo it, if dress like the nouveau riche like a big cut.

If your wedding dress is complicated and full of details, the simpler the jewelry, the better. Just like if you have a lot of lace on your neckline, don't wear a necklace. A lovely pair of earrings will do.


White marriage gauze had better tie-in silver-white gem, diamond, platinum, crystal, pearl are appropriate pledge. The vine design that has Europe type style, classic and decorous style, contemporary minimalism style can be chosen. In European weddings, many people will choose large neckwear and headwear, but some people will not choose them at all. Wearing a short black wedding dress and sneakers, xiamen wedding photography top 10. Set the wedding scene as doraemon's home; The flower ball that holds is replaced by lollipop, headgear also is with exaggerated and dazzling artistic change a style to give priority to. Color wedding dress is appropriate to wear jewelry with color ray. Very individual new person, when choosing, also can have no taboo. The gem of chromatic color most cooperates the fairy bride like little devil female. The colour of the same cocktail brings more adornment effect and possibility instead. Some ethnic elements of jewelry can also be worn to unite the bride. Can magnify the function of the jewelry unlimited, with a piece of jewelry dazzling.

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