How to Choose and Use a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Landing a sale in Real Estate is not easy. Real Estate Industry has become more competitive. Many agents are entering into the industry and real estate agents are becoming more productive with time. Hence, it is a best option to consider hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

A lot of hard work goes in acquiring the potential buyers and sellers. Qualified Leads must be led to sales funnel in order to convert them into paying clients. In the meanwhile, agents must look out for the schedules, appointments, accounts and everything.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant:

Working in the real estate industry can be an overwhelming task, since it involves proper delegation and organization. Real Estate Virtual Assistants are an efficient way of producing results. They are affordable and are entitled to the benefits without any additional costs involved.

Before choosing a VA, you must have a clear idea of what your business needs and must work accordingly.

Hands On Expertise

Real Estate VA brings forth a learning curve. You must establish a familiarity and expect the consistency in work. Discuss the tasks and orient them to a VA, provide them with a work evaluation and discuss the relevant details.

Create a Workflow

Working with a VA gives strong feeling of control. They establish workflows by creating a system of efficient programs. It can be a Project Management Software that keep everyone aware of the project status and ensures all are on the same page. It might be Cloud technology that can be used to organize and save files and ultimately the Communication stand-by tools for effective working.

Qualifying Process

Choose a Virtual Assistant who comes up with a qualifying process. They must be the candidate who perform diligence, showcase discipline and check references in evaluation. Before opting one, check for their social media channels and testimonials. Schedule them for a trial period and later hire them.

Represent Soft Skills

It is difficult to find the ideal soft skills of a VA. Hence, you must distinguish them in the selection process itself. This process in a way builds up the working relationship with the VA. Creativity, punctuality, leadership ability, meticulous are the major skills to look out for.

Categorize Tasks

Identify the tasks you want to delegate to a VA. It can be core or non-core. Core tasks fall under your competencies and bring you closer to the sale. Non-core tasks on the other hand are administrative and supporting tasks that directly contribute to the bottom line.


Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant brings in productivity by generating results in required time. Choose your VA wisely and stay ahead of the competition. Analyze the activities appropriately and outsource it to a VA to bring in sales for the business.

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