How to choose a regular corn thresher manufacturer

As the fastest corn thresher supplier, in order to prevent farmers from buying deceived equipment, it is necessary for everyone to popularize how to choose a regular manufacturer to buy.

1. The fastest corn thresher that has obtained the production permit must be selected. Its safety is the first choice. The products that have obtained the production permit are strictly tested and approved. Under normal circumstances, the products have been certified. The security of the product is still guaranteed, you can buy it with confidence, and you must not buy products without a production permit.

2. When purchasing, you should carefully read the Three Guarantees regulations, and try to purchase as many corn threshers as possible with long guarantee periods, sound collection of work, and guaranteed supply of wearing parts.

3. The safety warning sign must be complete and exemplary. Generally, the safety warning sign must be permanently marked in the dangerous parts such as the feed inlet, the discharge port, the fan port, the conveyor belt and the clamping chain.

4. When purchasing, you should carefully read the technical parameters and performance data sheet, and comprehensively consider the technical guidelines such as the scope of application, supporting power, job follow-up, energy consumption, removal rate, loss rate, and impurity rate. After careful comparison When choosing an economical model, the safety protection device must be complete and stable and reliable. All high-speed changing parts should have a stable and reliable protective cover or protective plate.

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