How to Cancel the Automatic Renewal of the Avast Subscription

Automatic renewal is that feature of Avast Antivirus where recurring bill system will charge you automatically and some amount of cash will be deducted from your credit card or PayPal.  Sometimes auto-renewal feature can come handy where you don’t need to worry about the expiration of the license or its renewal too. But for a few others, it can get converted into a bigger problem when they don’t want to use Avast anymore but they still are paying for it. Most of the Avast users have no clue that they also have signed up for the auto-renewal service too. It is just a small word which that they had agreed during the initial purchase but they don’t have a real idea about what this is until money is deducted from their account. If you want to know more about this then dial Avast Customer Care where technicians will answer your call and will resolve all your queries about this amazing antivirus software.

If you are among those few Avast user who does not know how to cancel the automatic-renewal service of Avast then this blog is what they need. As in this blog, two methods are provided by which they can cancel the automatic renewal:

Cancel automatic renewal via the Avast customer portal

  • Open the customer portal of Avast in the web browser of your choice
  • Go to the find order page of Avast
  • Here before clicking on Find order, you need to enter your Order ID and password
  • Go to Order Detail page and then click on Manage Subscription next to the Avast product for which you want to cancel auto renewal
  • In the page of Subscription Details, you have to change the setting to OFF which is present next to Automatic Renewals
  • You need to confirm that you wish to terminate your subscription by choosing the option of Disable automatic Renewal
  • After this is done you will receive the confirmation email on your account about the cancellation of automatic renewal service of Avast

Cancel Automatic Renewal via Avast Account

  • Login to the Avast account by writing accurate username and password
  • Go to Account Section > License
  • Then next to Avast product of your choice click to Cancel Auto Renewal
  • You need to then choose the option of Deactivate Auto Renewal Subscription so as to terminate the subscription when the current subscription comes to an end
  • Once it is done then the option of Cancel Auto-Renewal become invisible from that product details

If while executing these steps you get confused in between then you are free to reach out to Avast Customer Service Number where professionals are available 24*7 to guide you. These people are well versed with Avast products and know every minor as well as major detail about this product.


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