How to Burn MP4 to DVD with your Mac

Burning a video is easy, but burning a playable DVD is a little time-consuming task but simple. Most modern Macs don’t have DVD drives so for this you’ll have to connect an external DVD to your Mac. If your Mac has one, then you don’t need to do anything. Just follow the procedure mentioned below:

Steps to Burn a Playable DVD from your Mac

There are different types of DVDs available in the market, you can use any of the blank DVDs to burn and make a video DVD. But the most successive is DVD+R, and the reason for this is that it is supported on a broad variety of players.

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After that, you’ll need a program to burn the blank DVD. If you’ve already installed one on your Mac then jump to the process for burning.

Steps to download and install ‘Burn’ application

‘Burn’ is a program and it is used to burn MP4 files to DVD discs, and this application comes for free.

1.    Navigate to the URL from your Mac browser.

2.    Now click the ‘Download Burn’ button. The Download Burn button is near the bottom of the page on the right side.

3.    Open zip folder of ‘Burn’.

4.    Click & hold the ‘Burn app icon’ and move it to the Applications folder.

5.    Now, twice click on the ‘Burn app icon’.

6.    Confirm downloading, if prompted to download the program.

Steps for Burning a DVD:

1.    Open your Mac’s DVD tray.

2.    And insert a blank DVD into it and close.

3.    Close the Autoplay window, if it appears on your desktop after putting DVD.

4.    Now, start ‘Burn’ applications. If you’re unable to find Burn program, then search for Burn through Spotlight Search.

5.    On the Burn application home window, click on ‘Video’ tab. Video tab is at the top centre side of the screen.

6.    Click in the text field next to CD icon, to give a name to your Video.

7.    Enter a name for your ‘DVD’.

8.    After that, click on the [+] button from the bottom of the window.

9.    Pick the ‘MP4’ files for which you’re creating a DVD.

10.    Now, click the ‘Open’ button of the file selecting window to select MP4 files. Selected files will come up on Burn window.

11.    Click to open ‘File Type’ drop-down menu.

12.    And select ‘DVD-Video’ form the File type dropdown menu.

13.    Confirm with ‘Convert’ if prompted and go with the on-screen instruction.

14.    And click the ‘Burn’ button to start burning your DVD.

15.    Follow the instruction, if prompts and wait for burning your MP4 to DVD.

A message may display on your desktop when burning completes. Once it completes, it means your DVD is ready to play in any DVD player and computer. You can eject the DVD and check it.

Steps to Burn a Data DVD through your Mac

1.    Open your Mac’s DVD tray.

2.    And insert a blank DVD into it and close.

3.    Close the Autoplay window, if it appears on your desktop after putting DVD.

4.    Launch Finder.

5.    Open MP4 file’s location.

6.    Pick the ‘MP4 files’ from it.

7.    Now click on the ‘File’ tab at the top of the screen.

8.    Select ‘Burn [NAME] to Disc..’ from the file’s dropdown menu.

9.    Click ‘Burn’ button on the confirming window. Your DVD will start burning. When burning is over, eject your DVD and click ‘OK’ on the prompt window. Now your DVD is ready, and you can use it any Computer.

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