In the past few decades, video game industries have grown a lot. The reason for that could be the rising demand for video games. Thus, several new genre video games have been introduced, and the horror segment is one of the most popular genres. 7 Days to Die is a Zombie survival video game that is compact with both Horror and Survival genre.


The seventh day ‘s night in the game is a full moon night that triggers the mind of ordinary people to turn back into Zombies. Thus, gamers have to save themselves from the Zombies crowd attack. For that, the best option is to craft a Minibike in Navesgane to escape whenever the Zombies lineup attacks. However, the process of building a Minibike in Navesgane in 7 Days to Die is a bit intricate. Thus, below we have provided a proper workaround to help the gamers to build a Minibike with ease in 7 Days to Die.

About Minibike

Before moving further to the following context, the gamers must understand how Minibike works in 7 Days to Die. Minibike is one of the best ways to escape from the attack of Zombies. Even though there is a lot of ammunition that gamers carry all the time with them, it is not enough to stop the malicious attack of Zombies. However, the building of Minibike can be a real mess because gathering the parts for it is quite intricate. Thus, the first step of this process should always be to find the parts for Minibike. Below we have mentioned the location of parts for Minibike alongside ways to build it in 7 Days to Die.

How to Build a Minibike in Navesgane in 7 Days to Die

The gamers are required to head straight to Diersville, which is a central city of Navesgane. However, they need to be pretty aware because there are Zombies present in large numbers. Thus, the gamers need to bring as much ammunition as they can to that city to deal with the Zombies guard. Once the players successfully manage to visit Diersville city, then they have to navigate hospitals, prisons, hotels, and houses. When they successfully find all the requisite places, then they need to start to invade inside each of them.

They will find the parts for the bikes inside each of them; however, there are Zombies dogs present to guard them, so gamers again have to carry lethal weapons to prevent themselves from the Zombie dogs’ bites. Additionally, inside the prison, gamers will encounter Zombie police instead of dogs. They are way too dangerous than the dogs, so players who are planning to access the prison should be quite aware and carry a potent weapon during that time.

The gamers who have just started playing 7 Days to Die are advised not to attempt accomplishing this task because it requires a bit of skill. Players should take time to understand the game and its aspects; afterward, they are suggested to try gathering the Minibike parts. Alternatively, amateur gamers of 7 Days to Die are requested to purchase the Minibike parts from a grocery mart or hardware shop. Once the players have successfully accumulated all the prerequisite parts for Minibike, then they need to go to inventory. Afterward, they have to press the option of build, and soon after, their Minibike will be ready to use. The Navesgane city also offers various workstations where gamers can find the gas for the Minibike. Alongside, players will find multiple abandoned vehicles on the road, and they can easily get gas from them.

It is highly up to gamers which way they would choose to build the Minibike. However, we advise them to go with the first way of collecting the parts by itself rather than buying it; as 7 Days to Die is known for risking life and its objective also rewards the gamers that play it through that way.

7 Days to Die can be played on Mac OS XMicrosoft WindowsXbox One, and PS4.

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