Apple Watch has an alarm clock feature to help the user to wake up for some important work. The users can snooze the alarm to ring after a few minutes. The users can adjust the time of the Apple Watch as per their preference. The user can select either one device to add an alarm clock, or they can add an alarm clock in both the iPhone and Apple Watch device.

Steps to Set Up an Alarm

•    Go to the “Applications” webpage. Move the wrist to wake screen of the Apple Watch. After that click on the “Digital Crown” to show the full menu list of all the applications on the Apple Watch.

  • The user can click the “Lock” option underneath the “Digital Crown” option. After that, click the “App Applications” button in the given page.
  • In case the Apple Watch screen gets locked, then the user has to type the password after that, click the “Digital Crown” option to show up on the screen.

•    Go to the “Alarms” application. This application looks like an Alarm clock which is of white with carroty color wallpaper and the user have to click on that application.

•    Click the “Add Alarm” option. It resembles a carroty color option located at the upper column of the Apple Watch display. In case the users don’t know how to add an alarm, then this will be the best option for them.

  • In case the users wish to add several alarms on their Apple Watch, go down or click hardly on the display after that press “Add Alarm” on the given page.

•    Choose “Ante Meridiem” OR “Post Meridiem” button. Press Ante Meridiem or Post

Meridiem located in the left-hand column of the display.

  • Leave this step in case the Apple Watch uses a 24-hour format.

•    Add the “Alarm’s Minute” option. Press the “Minute” section located on the right-hand column of the display after that, move the “Digital Crown” to adjust the time of the alarm.

•    Click the “Set” button. This button looks like an olive color option located at the end of the display. It will add the alarm and enable the alarm clock.

Steps to Edit an Alarm

•    Choose an alarm. Click the “Alarm” which users wish to do editing on it. It will open a page of “Alarm’s Settings.”

•    Adjust the time of the alarm. In case the users wish to edit the title of the alarm, then press the “Change Time” option after that, change the time of the alarm and press to “Save.”

•    Permit the alarm to “Repeat,” in case required. In case the users want to snooze the alarm on other days also, press the “Repeat” option after that, choose the options given on the page.

•    Give a title to the alarm. Press the “Label” button after that, enter a title to place it on the alarm clock and click the “Done” button.

•    Turn on or off the “Snooze” button. In case the users wish to snooze the alarm for a certain time then they can do so by turning to the right-hand column of “Snooze” option and it will turn olive in color. To turn off the “Snooze” option, the users have to press on it.

•    Disable the “Alarm.” In case the users wish to turn off the alarm, then press the green toggle to the right-hand column of the alarm. By clicking on this option, it will stop the alarm until the users do not turn it on.

•    Remove the alarm in case you wish to. In case the users wish to delete the alarm clock

permanently, then press the “Alarm” after that, go down to the end of the page and press “Delete” button.

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