In this talk, filmed at A-Fest Greece, Stanford University neuroscience professor, Dr. Andrew Huberman, explains the neuroscience of our brains, how understanding this complex field can allow you to hack your experience in the world, and simple ways to maximize your brain's potential — so you can live a happier, and more fulfilling life. Be the first to be notified about A-Fest 2017 in Europe:
00:47 Dr. Andrew Huberman's favorite things in science
02:08 Neurohacking for massively accelerated brain change
04:43 Two things which help to make the brain work better
10:18 3 things about the brain's job
15:49 Techniques to change something from traumatic to positive
19:33 A new kind of meditation based on neuroscience
Neuroscience can seem intimidating — but understanding basic principles can allow you to hack and upgrade your brain. The way we think and behave is reliant on the way our brain processes information, and how we bridge the gap between the present and the future.
Dr. Andrew Huberman, Ph.D, is a professor of neuroscience at Stanford University. He has made numerous contributions to the field of neuroplasticity, and has been awarded numerous times for his work, including as the recipient of the McKnight Foundation Neuroscience Scholar Award. Through his work at the Huberman Lab, Andrew has discovered non-invasive methods of regeneration of damaged retinal neurons, leading to partial recovery from blindness.
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