How is the structure of the sand making machine during production and installation?

In the production of sand making, the sand making machine is widely used, and it is a professional sand making equipment. The professional crushing technology of this equipment is needed for development now.
If you want the sand making machine to be efficient in the production process, it must be installed correctly when installing the sand making machine. The frame in the sand making machine equipment is the installation foundation of the whole equipment parts, and it bears a large impact load during work. Its strength and stiffness have a great impact on the performance of the whole machine and the life of important parts. Therefore, the design of the frame structure is very important, and must comply with relevant regulations.
The preferred sand making machine is when selecting materials. The design of the frame structure should be based on the force and the strength and stiffness requirements, and strive to reduce the weight of the machine. Generally, the cast steel is integrally cast, and the small machine can also replace the cast steel with high-quality cast iron. Arrangement of the ribs when installing the sand making machine. The position and direction of the ribs must be adapted to the requirements of the force. For example, when Hongyi Machinery designs the frame, the direction of the side ribs and the position of the ribs under the bearing are designed according to the characteristics of the respective parts. The structure is reasonable. Casting process. After the domestic welding frame has been improved in structural design and improved welding quality, it is undoubtedly the development direction for the sand making machine to replace the casting frame with a welding frame. In addition, we also pay attention to the design of the side wall of the sander frame. As can be seen from the actual calculation of the jaw crusher frame, the side wall of the frame is much less stressed than the front wall. Therefore, the side wall of the frame should be designed according to the deformation of the force and must adapt to the deformation appearance requirements. In the appearance of the frame structure, it is not possible to unilaterally pursue aesthetics while ignoring the strength problem, nor can it blindly strengthen the strength of the frame, causing the sand making machine to increase the waste material.

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