How is Data Analytics Solving Modern Marketing Challenges?

Most businesses are facing an avalanche of challenges in their Digital Transformation journeys. The importance of Big Data analytics can no longer be overlooked, especially when it comes to dealing with the current trends. The current trends are driven by a gamut of advanced technologies such as the Internet of things, Social media intelligence, Location data management and Payout information security. There is so much happening in the Big Data analytics industry that focusing only one or two things can’t really empower businesses to successfully manage their Digital journeys.

 So, what exactly do businesses need to focus on Data Analytics Training today?

If you want to know, read on…

Marketing Technologies and AI

To sustain in this competitive data-backed industry, your Marketing and Sales teams have to be on the edge at all times. Only technologies such as Marketing Automation and Marketing Clouds can guarantee that outcome. AI, Machine learning and Chabot's are slowly growing into powerful resources.

 Data is the key to drive the engine of these technologies.


Finding and Leveraging Data in the Correct Manner

Big Data trends can help businesses find the best customer insights for their operations. In fast-growing sectors such as the IT, ITES, Telecom, Healthcare and Market Research, business owners could leverage Big data analytics to develop better customer insights and establish customer-centric Key-Performance Indicators (KPIs). This allows brands and customers to interact with each other at a seamlessly friendly manner.

The end result of such a relationship is beneficial for both parties. Customers get to avail the best offers; businesses tend to acquire and retain loyal customers who return the value through word of the mouth advocacy in their own circles.

Hence, businesses should find and leverage data in the correct manner.


Meeting Customer Experience Goals

Have you ever wondered how advertisers and email marketers are following every action online? According to a modern customer experience giant, Oracle Marketing Cloud, customer experience is the most decisive factor during the buying journeys online. Users are shopping at various digital platforms – desktops, smartphones, public Cloud and even social media. So, the marketing and advertising teams have to ensure that Big data analytics provide them with enough intelligence to build a complete 360 degree profile of the customer.

Once done right, Customer experience created based on Big Data intelligence can help in up-selling and cross-selling campaigns, directly impacting the revenue opportunities in a competitive marketplace.

Quality of Customer Service

 20 seconds—that’ the attention span of any customer when they are looking for any particular product online. 20 minutes—that’s the average time taken by a customer to decide if they want to continue with the customer service conversation. In India, customer service is a big challenge as most operations are carried over to an IVR, or a voice-chat assistant. Though some brands, especially retail and banking are relying on chatbots and automated email delivery systems to manage customer service and inquiries, it’s not enough.

Big Data analytics training can improve customer modern Marketing practices and save thousands of dollars that are otherwise lost in untimely resolutions and ambiguity of sales-related processes.

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