How is Bamboo Fabric Made

There are pillow supplier currently used to manufacture bamboo into usable textile:

  1. The first method is a mechanical process where the bamboo’s wood portion is crushed into a pulp and broken down using enzymes that allow the resulting material to be combed and spun into yarn. This method is expensive and produces a fabric that is similar to linen, with a scratchy texture.
  2. The second, and preferred method by many who work with bamboo, is the chemical method. Bamboo is crushed and soaked in sodium hydroxide, a chemical that is not harmful to the environment or workers when used responsibly, does not leave a harmful residue. This soaking process produces a substance called cellulose fiber, which is then made into viscose from bamboo to produce textiles. pillow supplier The resulting fiber produces a soft and highly absorbent fabric.

Sustainable Resource

Eco-friendly, pillow supplier soft, renewable, and safe: the bamboo plant allows textile manufacturers to produce items that have all of these qualities. In our continuing search for ways to reduce our impact on the environment while still being able to enjoy the luxuries of our modern age. By growing and harvesting the plant sustainably, using responsible manufacturing processes, and producing items that are useful, beautiful, and environmentally sound, viscose from bamboo could be the fabric of the future. 

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