How does cooling crystallizers work?

Crystallizers cooling are mainly used in beet and cane sugar factories, and also in sugar refineries throughout the world for efficient sugar crystallization from low-purity crystal suspensions.


  • Benefits and features of Crystallizers:
  • Defined retention times for high yields
  • Oscillating cooling surfaces for excellent self-cleaning effects
  • Easy operation also with highly viscous masecuites
  • Vertical design requires only little floor space
  • Outdoor installation possible (no building costs)

The Crystallizers cooling used of generally specified for cooling system consists of standardized cooling in which water is forced to flow countercurrent to the masecuites of high specific cooling surface at low specific drive power for operation at temperatures below which it is not economically feasible to use Crystallizers vacuum equipment or for solutions with very high boiling point elevations.


We possess the know-how and expertise for all types of crystallization equipment with total or partial classification, involving the recirculation of the magma, with or without settling zones of crystallizer body to provide heat exchanger retention time, and a recirculation pump and piping crystals design to keep excessively fine crystals separate from the growing magma for size and slurry density control purposes.

Crystallization is defined the process by which a chemical is converted from a liquid solution into a solid crystalline state. The control of the nucleation phase is difficult but is the key to process using controlled cooling crystallization techniques. Crystallizer Cooling melt below the equilibrium temperature will typically result in the formation of solid phase that is purer than the feed tube wall is the coldest part of the crystallizing system to the temperature different between the wall and the slurry being pumped through the tube must be as small as practical. The surface cooled crystallizer is in processing sodium chloride from caustic solutions and sodium carbonates de-carbohydrate from waste solutions, and sodium chlorate from solutions saturated with sodium chloride. Cooling crystallization is usually more energy friendly than Crystallizers evaporative. The wall of the crystallizer can be used as internal heat exchanger

We provide the Surface Crystallizers cooling that are used where the solution boiling point elevation is extremely high in the case of caustic solutions or when the temperature level is very low that evaporation by Crystallizers vacuum is impractical energy efficiency of suspension melt crystallization is that it is possible to grow crystals of sufficient shape and size and suitable for the solid-liquid separation that follows the crystallization step.



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