How could I increase the range of my Wi-Fi network?

As the usage of internet and Wi-Fi is increasing day by day, we all need a strong Wi-Fi signal throughout our home. Whether we want to do online shopping, official work, streaming or any other thing we always need a strong Wi-Fi connection. No matter we are in our backyard, garage or in a room upstairs, we always want a fast and reliable wireless connection. Well, router alone it’s not enough to fulfil all our need disused above. It could be due to some thick walls inside our home or it could be even due to lack in features in our home router. But all the problems discussed could be solved using a Netgear wireless range extender.
# Using a Netgear wireless range extender
Netgear wireless range extender is very useful in increasing the Wi-Fi range of an old Wi-Fi router. We just have to setup the Netgear wireless range extender with our home Wi-Fi router. After that, the Netgear wireless range extender will start receiving the weak signals from our home router and it will start boosting these Wi-Fi signals in opposite direction by increasing the strength of these Wi-Fi signals.
# Working of the Netgear wireless range extender
After setting up the Netgear wireless range extender, we have to place it in a right location. BY right location, we mean, that it should be place somewhere from where it could receive good amount of router Wi-Fi signals so, it could expand these signals. If the Wi-Fi signals reived by the Netgear wireless range extender are too low, it would not be to increase the range as much we would expect from it. We should always place the Netgear wireless range extender midway from the point where our home Wi-Fi router is and the point where we are having the problem in Wi-Fi signal reception.
# We could use more than a single extender
Yes, that’s right. If we are living in a home which is too big and using a single Netgear wireless range extender is not satisfying us at all, we could even use two Netgear wireless range extenders. We just have to setup these two Netgear wireless range extenders one at a time. After setting them up, we have to place them in two different locations inside our home. After that, the both Netgear wireless range extenders will start working, they will boost the Wi-Fi network across every corner inside our home.

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